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Freedom & Flexibility of a laptop lifestyle


          What is a laptop lifestyle you say? Simply put it’s the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss and work from your laptop anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. The world is changing fast around us and the digital world is absolutely booming!  There has never been a better time to learn and develop the skill sets and personal growth to start, own, and operate your own online business 

            So many of us are spending most of our days working a fulltime job we really don’t like trading all our time in for money. That’s what lead me on my search when I found the opportunity that changed everything for me. A group of mentors who would help me with personal growth and teach me the skills to run a profitable online business and work for myself with an affiliate marketing platform. An opportunity that I would like to now share with YOU.


Hi! My name is Larry.

           Professional Vocalist, Voice over actor, Entrepreneur and manager of a retail grocery store. Most call me by the name of Ripper X because of my days as lead singer in a major rock band.

Like so many I had big dreams. I was going to be a rock star and in early 2001 I landed my first record deal in the rock band I was currently singing in. Unfortunately my dreams were short lived because of the digital age and with file sharing (stealing) the money value in the music world became very low and it became nothing more than a cool hobby. I then decided to become a voice over actor with my skills I already had. Voice over acting is great and I still do it today but the income is not steady. I always knew there was something more for me. Ironically it was again the digital age that is helping me build a passion based online business.  One night while I was on you tube searching for opportunities just as you are right now when  a video popped up and told me a story of a man named Stu Ross who became a millionaire running his own online business. At first I was skeptical just like most will be. But ask yourself if a proven millionaire was willing to share some of his knowledge and insight and willing to help you learn the skills needed  to work for your self and build a blueprint to what brought him success wouldn’t you at least listen? Let me be upfront with you. If you are thinking this is a scam or get rich scheme you are wrong! This is a real actual business that you will have to put some effort and work into just as any other job but if you are like me and looking for a way out of the normal corporate rat race then the rewards of flexibility and freedom is well worth the effort.


I would like to offer you the same exact offer I got. A FREE video series that only takes a few minutes to watch. In the video you will meet Stuart Ross and he will give you an overview of running an online business.


Ask yourself this question.

What do you really want?

Do you want to keep trading in time for money working for someone else’s dream? Or take a chance and let me send you the FREE video series and you can judge for yourself?


So many people procrastinate even when there is nothing to lose with no risk involved.  All you have to do is DECIDE. Make a committed decision! Decide right now that you will spend just a few minutes and watch the video I will send you.


 For more information and the free video series please  click on the contact button below and fill your name and e-mail and click the button to submit.


THANK YOU and good luck on whatever journey you decide.