The brilliant reason working for yourself is the right direction to go in 2020.

Like most of us going to work everyday trading in all of our time for money can make us feel trapped and unfulfilled .If there was only a better way. A way to make money on your own terms with your own hours and a great possibility to make even more money than you are making right now. Yeah but that’s too good to be true right? Most opportunities that sound that good are nothing more than a scam right?  WRONG! The truth is there are many real legitimate work from home jobs where you can run an online business from your laptop from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

You ask if it were that easy why wouldn’t everyone do it right?

ANSWER:   The simple reason is because most do not know about these opportunities. Our minds have been programmed to get a good education and get a good job to make our money working for someone else.  Also although working from your laptop is very much achievable most will not make the effort to learn the skills needed. Truth be told there is a strong learning curve that one will have to go through to gain the skills and experience to run a profitable business online. But with proper foundation of mentoring and training it is very much achievable and can be life changing.

Being your own boss is great!

Working on laptop

Everybody has there own thing that makes them tick. For me I am a huge NFL fan. Every Sunday me and my friends will watch the football games. Great food and good times while we enjoy our fun time bonding and watching the games we love but by the end of the day we soon realize that Monday is coming fast. That means going to bed at a decent time on Sunday to wake up to that annoying alarm clock 5am sharp! What a drag! And it’s even worse when you have a boss who is a micro managing dictator. That’s the beauty of working for yourself and being your own boss. Wake up on your own schedule when YOU want to wake up and fire that old boss and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of making money even as you sleep once you get your business rolling.

Working for a set salary?

USD 100 dollar bank notes

Most people are programmed to think that working a regular 9-5 job for a set income is the way to save and get ahead in life. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that if that is your thing. But why would you want a salary cap put in all your hard efforts. There is so much money to be made in the digital world right now and the income potential is unlimited. There are many people who make full time salaries working for them selves. There are plenty of digital marketers who have mastered their skills and now make what they once made in a single year in a single month. Many have even made millionaire status. Now I am not trying to fill your head up with false hopes. The truth is that it will take effort on your side of things to learn and master what you learned but it is very much possible!

Freedom & Flexibility

Imagine being able to spend more time doing what you really love.  Having the freedom to be with your children as they are growing and be able to be there for those important moments in their lives.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is whether it is to travel the world when you want or work from anywhere you want.  After reading this blog I am sure now if I asked the question, wouldn’t you love to be free from a corporate boss and work for your self on your terms? Go ahead everybody say “Hell yea!”

I encourage you to look at each part of this website carefully and see if the digital online world is for you. Thank you for reading my blog

Ripper X


    1. I suggest you go to my contacts page on my website and fill out your information. I will send you a free video series workshop where my mentor stuart will show you exactly how to get started with making money online. its free so why not have an open mind and at least watch it. then you can make up your mind. Here I will also include my link to my own video add. remember its free and you have NOTHING to lose. it might just change your life like it did mine.

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    1. Then please click on my contact page on my website and I will send you a free video series workshop taught by my mentor Stuart and it will explain how to get started doing just that. It’s free so you have nothing to lose. Just go for it, Thanks so much. Larry

    1. Truth is that its not a get rich scheme. it takes some effort just as any job you go to. Its a strong learning curve but once you have learned it only then it starts to become a little easier. But it is certainly worth working for yourself eventually and can be very very lucrative. For me I just wanted to be free to be able to write my own schedule and as long as I have a laptop computer and internet I can work anywhere in the world without listening to some asshole boss always looking over my shoulder and never having time to do things I want cause work schedule controls my life. Now I am free with freedom and flexibility. With some effort. This really is the real deal. Go to my contact page on my website and I will send you a free video series workshop that will explain and begin to train you on the possibilities of doing an online business. Thanks so much. Larry

    1. Navia on my website at the top you will see a tab for Contact. click on that tab and I will send you a free video series who is taught by my mentor Stuart explaining exactly how to get started in the world of online business. it changed my life and it is free. You have nothing to lose so go for it ok? 🙂 Thanks so much. Larry

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